On3 Conversions

Grandt Line Shay and Galloping Goose drive units. These gearhead Micro-motor custom drive units are the very best drives for these locomotives but with age the plastic drive pinion on the motor shaft splits. Our SS-3037 is a machined brass collar that fits around the upper portion of the pinion and keeps it from spinning on the motor shaft even if it splits. See

Balboa C-19 also PSC C-17/C-19s, several #s(Katsumi). These were really nice models with the heavy duty construction and mechanical components KTM was famous for. The PSC rerun of the Balboa had hundreds of extra details and was superb but the KTM can motor used was very powerful but noisy and "coggy". Simply putting a mounting floor in the firebox and siliconing in a Glide Drive A-22 makes these locomotives superbly smooth and quiet runners with flywheel coast. These came as a screw together Semi-Kit to avoid an import duty promoted by Lionel. Later Korean runs are different.

Far East Distributors (a division of Northwest Short Line) 4-4-0/2-6-0 (Sugiyama). These locomotives had pick up wipers only on both sides of 2 drivers. This is not enough combined with the use of aluminum for the driver tires (the drivers were made by Grant Line) which give good traction but poor electrical contact and they get dirty easy. Adding wipers to the front driver on the 2-6-0 helps. The tender wheels are chrome plated so adding wipers to all tender wheels and running wires up to the motor really helps smoothness. The very big Sagami motor and NWSL gearing are fine, good pick up makes these good runners.

Sunset D&RGW C-16 #278 (Samhongsa) This was the first On3 locomotive produced by Samhongsa and he tried to use the HO gears and gearboxes he had. The detail is fine (soldering erratic) but the drive has to be rebuilt. Take out the old gearboxes and motor, install a PSC 4018-1 gear on the axle and reassemble wheels and rods without gearbox. Adjust quartering then get wheels to rotate smoothly (many of these locos had the 3rd to 4th driver siderod too short- if a problem, pull side rod knuckle pin, oval hole in 3rd siderod and solder pin in at proper position for proper rod length). When smooth add gearbox and silicone a Glide Drive A-22 in the firebox aligned with the worm shaft. Always save old gears, see HO Sunset GN O-1.

Sn3 Conversions

PFM/PBL D&RGW C-16 #223.(S. Kodama) Nice model just before can motors. Just opening the motor slot in the bottom of the boiler up a bit with files or Dremel will allow a FM-1430 can motor and FW-160820)flywheel to be fitted and performance is improved 200%.

PFM RGS #20/22/25. These models came with a very badly cut brass worm. Replace with a NWSL 10500-6 Replacement polished steel worm

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